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Jessica Keilman

Jessica Keilman

Administrative Assistant

As an Administrative Assistant, I bring my expertise in client management systems and software to streamline our operations. I take pride in utilizing my knowledge to maintain an organized and efficient office environment. By leveraging technology and staying up-to-date with the latest tools, I contribute to the seamless functioning of our team. With my extensive knowledge of our client management systems and software, I play a vital role in ensuring that our office runs smoothly and efficiently.

Having worked in the financial services industry since 2016, I have gained valuable experience that has further enhanced my skills and understanding of the industry. Prior to that, I attended Washtenaw Community College, where I laid the foundation for my career in finance. What truly motivates me is my family. I draw inspiration from my mother, Kathleen Aksten, who started from the bottom and has risen to great heights in her own career. Witnessing her journey has been a complete motivation for me, driving me to excel in my own professional endeavors.

One aspect of my job that brings me immense joy is hearing our clients' stories. Each person's life path is unique, and listening to their experiences and the journeys that led them to where they are today is truly fascinating. Building connections and understanding our clients on a deeper level is something I cherish.

Outside of work, I reside in Howell, MI, with my husband Trevor and our three amazing sons, Grayson, Dominic, and Carter. Family is at the core of everything I do, and I find joy in spending quality time with them. Living an active lifestyle is important to me, and I love engaging in various sports. Additionally, I enjoy taking on projects around the house – I’m unafraid of power tools and getting my hands dirty! Organizing and crafting are also passions of mine that allow me to tap into my creativity.